An De Blauwe



My name is An-Johanna De Blauwe, I sign my artwork as Hannablue.

I was born in Brugge , Belgium, march 26th 1973, and am now living in a very quiet little village next to Lokeren.

I am mother of two sons, living independently.

Ever since I was a little girl, nobody has ever been able to keep me from drawing and painting.

I have always been looking for ways to communicate, other than the spoken word.

My goal is to be able to live from my art, and cross international borders so I can reach out to other cultures and minorities, to spread no-nonsense messages made from a women's point of view, about courage, spirituality, purity and universal wisdom of life.

My paintings are usually very colourful, sometimes have a ceramic-looking, touchable surface, and relate to poetry in images…

Mainly I work with acrylics on canvasses that have a different shape than the normal squares, but I also like trying out other mediums like ink, textile paints, natural pigments, oil pastels, water paint, graphite and charcoal.

As a challenge, I prefer to use the most unpractical tools to come to results, avoiding the use of the classical brush as much as possible.

I am autodidact, but have a large range of competences.
My top priority is to work only with canvasses and paint of the highest quality, for expositions as well as for companies when asked to make personalised paintings in assignment.

I am frequently coaching children and adults during workshops in my own atelier.

Helping them to find back freedom of expression and creativity, liberating them from the fear to fail; This can work therapeutically sometimes.

I am also an independent teacher for a group of people with autism in a special school, something I do for free.

Locally I work together frequently with the city of Lokeren to ignite new cultural projects which enhance the promotion of all artists in our region.




Municipal theather st.-Niklaas.


In association with Jas theather: production: Marc Boone

20 paintings

Publication in newspapers,

and Award upcoming young artist.

Works sold in- and outside of Belgium: The Netherlands, Great Brittany, Ireland, Australia, South Afrika…


Valentine ,Lokeren:

Restaurant 'De Klare Hemel':

Poetry and paintings


Waasmunster, 't Ey,

Independent Trivial Art Center

Watou: 'Pop Watou':

Big art and music-event in association with art pope Jan Hoet jr.


Cultural Center Lokeren:

'Dreambuilders': Amateur artists festival

Publication in local newspapers

St.-Niklaas: 'Eatable art, calligraphy and paintings'.

Artisan weekend Waasland:

Together with the exploiters of the smallest historical house of commerce.

Publication in newspapers and regional tv.

Paintings and Poetry


Artheek, vzw De Sperwer, Lokeren.

Amateur Artists festival (wak)

Front-page of the syllabus:' Being equal in diversity'

Research into palliative care in cooperation with Anita Maengekom.



Public auction of paintings and poetry for the victims of the Tsunami

Paintings 'Being There', Catholic University of Leuven:

Illustrations in a manual for basic schools all over Flanders

Theme:'Week of the forest'


-Art project in Basic school Eksaarde.

Talking about art in general and abstract art with 6 year olds.

-Huis Thuysbaert, Lokeren

Artheek, yr2: together with Cultural Department Lokeren:

‘Rent a painting'

-Hagewinde, Lokeren. Coaching adults with autism to work on canvas.

Theme: flying caprices

Auction of the works.

Independent teacher on voluntary bases, weekly

-Theatre plays 'Martino'

In cooperation with vzw code

Production by Arne Sierens and Danny Verbraecken.

Municipal Theater Roxy in Temse.

Design costumes

-Fotoshoot recordings in the studio for the new CD of 'Woest'

with Tom van Landuyt and Tommy Vlaemick.

Fotography in studio Max in Brugge.

Design cover CD and tattoo for the guitarist..

-Nudeswimcalendar, and nude

Design logo for website

-Private assignment: ‘a rose is a rose'

Series of paintings about roses.

-6 months training course businesschool and

diploma to become independent at Syntra St-Niklaas,

Diploma to start a business.

-Start: Children's atelier 'JINX' by Hannablue for children between 5 and 10 yrs

Learning how to draw and paint, how to look at and talk about art.

-Start workshops :'PRIMITIVES'

Workshops for starters, and blocked painters in my atelier.

-Cultural center Lokeren:

solo-exhibition 'Electric Blue' by Hannablue

Series of blue female nudes in acrylic paint with plexi frames

Theater play based on the works with body painted actors and music inspired by the artworks by vzw Code.

Publication in newspapers and on several websites.


-Municipal Theater st. Niklaas

'Shields' solo exhibition

Grisailles in acryl on ellipse shaped canvasses

Publication in newspapers and several websites.

-Euroclear Lounge

(Big Bank for the banks in Brussels):

Solo- exhibition: ‘Petites Amourettes'

-Artheek, Huis Thuysebaert,Lokeren:

Group project to lease paintings locally

Publication in newspapers and regional tv.