Andrea Lopez                          


Mexico City 1976
Graphic Designer and Photographer

In 1998 Andrea López specialize in performing arts photography.
She has work for national and international theater, dance and circus companies.Currently she is photographer for Teatro Sunil (Switzerland), Pilar Medina (Mexico), Compagnia Italia (Italy-Mexico), Teatro Línea de Sombra (Mexico), Circo Atayde (Mexico), Centro Cultural Helénico, Centro Cultural Univesitario, Talent on the Road and diverse productions of theater, circus and dance.

Image of “Rain” the new production of Cirque Eloize (Canada)
Photographic review of the 300 aniversary of Saint Petesburg, Rusia on may 2003.
Member of the International Comittee of the I Biennale of Contemporary Art in Arad 2005 and Terra dell Arte. International Art Association in Italy.
In 2004 Zebro Productions Inc. prepare 10 documentary of mexican photographers "Masters of Light and one of them will be dedicated to Andrea López in her specialization in Performing Arts Photography, the name of the documentary is “Weaver of Shadows” it will be presented in Los Angeles, USA, Mexico City and Saint Petesburg, Rusia in 2005.
She has presented exhibitions in important theaters and galleries in Mexico, Rusia, Bulgary, Rumania, Italy, USA and Canada.
The last individual exhibition in Mexico, "Visiones desde un andén"
IV  International Bienal of Contemporary Art, Florence Italy 2003
II International Bienal of Graphic Arts in Saint Petesburg, Rusia “White inter nights 2004”

(Honor Medal) III Lessedra Bienal of Graphic in Sofía Bulgary 2004, 2005
I Bienal of Contemporary Arts in Arad, Rumania 2005
“From avant-garde to contemporary in young artists” in Saint Petesburg, (award of best photography 2003 and 2004)
“Ventipertrenta04” digital exhibition in Potenza Picena, Italy (second place)
Exhibition around Mexico of the mexican artists from the IV Bienal of Contemporary Art Florence, Italy.
Scarab Gallery, Detroit USA, October 2004
Art Museum Arad Rumania, October 2004
"Arts Latina" Porto Recanati, Italy, December 2004
"Foro Iberoamericano" Saint Petesburg, December 2004
Marziart International Gallery, Hamburg, Germany, February 2005.
Gallery Gora, Montreal Canada, April 2006