Angelia Pickett


I am an artist and an engineer. 

As much as this might seem to be a contradiction in terms, I believe that both mathematics and painting are art forms, one in the same. Engineers give us the ability to explore distant planets and remote galaxies, while artists bring us on captivating escapades deep within our minds and souls. Werner Von Braun took us to the moon, and Vincent Van Gogh gave us a “Starry Night.”  My goal is to meld these two worlds together by encapsulating an expansive universe and an examined essence.

Through simple shapes, primary colors, and bold lines, I diffuse a technical mind into common people and settings.  Exploring, deconstructing, and then resurrecting the subject, forms a new entity, captivating in theme. I believe that by reemploying the fundamental shapes and colors, materializing a more critical focus, one ultimately allows the quintessence of the object’s soul to emerge.

My artistic vision is complex and simplistic, infinite and finite. I strive to unite these conflicting theories as an artist who takes you both to distant places and deep within yourself.


 Angelia Pickett is an emerging artist from New York City, New York.  Originally from Glasgow, Kentucky, Angelia began to study art as child, taking instruction in drawing and animation from a local university.  Inspired by childhood excursions to the fashion markets of New York, and frequent visits to well-known museums and galleries, Angelia began to take an interest in painting.  By recreating the movements of the models and internalizing the images of the masterpieces viewed, a permanent vision was etched into her mind.  This vision commenced a dedication and passion to self-taught painting instruction.

Concurrently, it became apparent that Angelia possessed the abilities to excel in science, astronomy, and mathematics.  Her penchant and success in these subjects led her to a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kentucky, and graduate studies in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University. 

Her scientific mind and daily explorations into mathematical calculation and design shifted her artistic focus to the analytical works of Picasso, Braque, Miro, and others.  Drawing inspiration from the Fauvists, Cubists, and Surrealists, Angelia began to transform her artistic subjects into a decomposition of rudimentary shapes and colors, striving to recreate a new entity, and exposing the simplistic fundamental truths of human nature and the natural world.

Angelia’s work as an Aerospace Engineer inspired her self-described art form of mechanical abstraction.  Through the deconstruction of complex ideas, simplification, and transformation of elaborate phenomena into bold abstract statements, she opens the viewer’s eyes into a world of intricate technicalities.

Upcoming and Recent Exhibitions

  • Marziart Internationale Galerie, Hamburg, Gernmany: Group Show, August 3rd-30th, 2007
  • Gallery Ho, Seoul, South Korea: The Circular Exhibition, Group Show, Term II, July 20th-31st, 2007Hun Gallery, New York City, NY: The Circular Exhibition, Group Show, Term I, July 1st-14th, 2007Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York, NY: "Alchemies of the Invisible" Group Show, Jan 5th-30th 2007 

      Glasgow/ Barren County Chamber of Commerce Presentation of Local Artists, Glasgow, KY: Solo Show, June-July 2006

·        Kentucky Repertory Theatre Benefit, Glasgow, KY:  Unveiling of "Oh, The Tragedy", June 17th 2006·        Infusion Gallery, Los Angeles, CA:o       "Vast Splendor" Group Show, Sept 1st-25th 2005o       "Soulful Endeavors" Group Show, Oct 1st-25th 2005o       "Festivus" Group Show, Dec 1st-25th 2005 

·        Robert Miller Gallery, New York, NY: “Postcards from the Edge”, A Group Show benefiting the Visual AIDS project, Oct 16th-18th, 2005

Gallery 990, Los Angeles, CA: "Fusion" Group Show, May 2005