Anna Dellermalm

Anna Dellermalm was born 1951 in Poland.

Since 1981 she lives in Sweden.

After completing her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 1977 she has participated in a number of group art exhibitions. 

In the spring of 1981 she has had her first solo exhibition at a renowned Warsaw gallery.

Anna’s art express her fascination by nature's immense richness of colours, forms and textures. These are her starting points in creating never ending visual transformations. Anna’s paintings are mostly abstract and her favourite technique at the moment is acrylic on varying surfaces.

Anna's art was exposed in a number of European countries, as well as across the Atlantic. Her paintings are presented at a number of official institutions in Sweden, Museum of Americas, U.S.A., and in private art collections in Scandinavia, Germany, Poland, Great Britain, Switzerland and U.S.A.