Real name: Chris Peterson
Place and date of birth: Bilthoven, 3 rd of May 1976
Country of origin: The Netherlands
Nationality: Dutch and British


1997 – 2002
Bsc. Business Administration, specializing in marketing.

University research: the difference between the perception of the public and that of a gallery manager. Which endconclusions can be of importance for the marketingstrategy of this particular gallery.

2001 – 2002
Sculpting course Christien Sielcken, Pietrasanta, Italy.

2001 – 2002
Sculpting course at the University of Amsterdam.

Relevant workexperience:

2001 – 2002
Gallery assistant, responsible for
3-dimensional objects, The Gallery, Laren, The Netherlands.

Three months period in which the promotional matters of the sculptor Christien Sielcken were improved.

Technical support at several exhibitions at the Photography Museum of Amsterdam (FOAM)

Collaboration with the company Landstra & De Vries on different projects

Responsible for the PR regarding the monthly artist gathering of the area ‘De pijp’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Assistant office manager at the renowned musicfestival Eurosonic.


Decision was made to pursue my ambitions as an artist.

2002 – 2003
Founded the Nr59 Foundation

2002 – 2003
Fellow core member of the artworkgroup 'Kunstwerkgroep De pijp'for the area known in Amsterdam as ‘De pijp’. Amongst those who are involved were: former conservator at the Museum of Modern Art in Amsterdam, Almar Seinen; Former manager of the renowned Dutch painter Peter Klashorst, Gert Meijerink, etc.

Founded BastArto, a one man business which focusses on my autonomous work, commisions and art related services such as designing exhibitions, technical support, etc. BastArto seeks for new ways, sometimes unconventional, to exhibit art.


De Kunst Cuyp, 28th of August, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Exhibition 'Punto Real' at the Galeria Zero in Barcelona, Spain in January and February

Exhibition 'About Abstraction' at the Gallery Gora in Montreal, Canada in January.

Exhibition at the Marziart Gallery in Hamburg, Germany in March of that year.

Sculpture Exhibition Sarphatipark, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Sculptingsysmposium Bogota, Colombia with the Museum of Modern Art.


Interview by Gert Meijerink for ‘De pijpkrant’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Interview by Joe Homewood, San Antonio College, Texas, United States of America.

2002 Galerie Kadans-Denhaag