Chris Rowe


Chris lives and works in Melbourne, Australia, and has been exhibiting in selected group and solo shows consistently since 1985. Chrisí many years nursing have influenced the tone of her work.

 Now working as a full time artist from 2007, Chris previously combined two diverse lifestyles. Working as a professional artist since completing her BA (Fine Arts) in 1989 at Monash University in Melbourne, while simultaneously fulfilling her nursing career begun in 1973.  

 Chris has secured several awards and notable acquisitions by the ANF (Vic Branch) in 1994 and ANSELL Corporation in 2005. The most recent highlight being the installation of the interactive mural, Four Seasons 2007, in the Sandringham Hospital Emergency Department, Sandringham, Victoria.


2003    Highly Commended, Acquisitive Landscape Art Prize, Daylesford, Vic, Aus.

2001    Reproduction of the work After Burn 2000

            1 As Victorian Breast Cancer Research Consortiumís Annual Reportís Cover

            2 Produced as a banner to advertise 2001 Daffodil Day Awards

            3 Is currently on loan to the Anti Cancer Council of Victoria

1998    Winner Visual Arts Award Anti Cancer Council, Victoria.

1994    Highly Commended VTU Exhibition, Caulfield gallery, Victoria.

1985    Honourable Mention, Chelsea Art Show, Victoria.



Drawing on life experiences and many years nursing my work is an exploration of humankindís search to understand their existence.

Figures interact and confer, while others are isolated. They emerge from but blend with their surrounds and are simultaneously anchored in their presence.

Layering is an important aspect of my work. It follows natureís course. Geological formation, creation, human development and life experience, evolution by layers.

Colour play and interaction is another important component of my work. It reinforces our interdependence with the environment and each, other while creating a sense or feeling.

In this current work, children play, search, wonder, confer, explore, examine and discover a sense of self, the environment and each other.

These works invite narrative. I invite the viewer to create their own dialogue and exploration of these works.