Clara Valiño

I was born in Galicia but, nowadays I live in Barcelona.

I think the fact that I like arts is a legacy from my grandfather who was an artist, too. I don´t even remember how it began to influence my life.

What I did in the vegining was visiting every single place of my hometown to show my pictures. During that time, I was also an arts teacher. It was a experience that allowed me to develop my skills.

In everiything I know about Arts, I´ve been autodidact so far. I learn by testing, trying, experimenting, asking, reading…

My work is based on almost everything me live during one or many lives. What we can keep for ourselves is what really mathers, since it enriches the spectators without confusing them .

My pictures try to express the joyful experiences that exist into every human soul but with a sprinkle of unreality.

Disfiguring objects and people in my work I try to get a fusion between painture and comics but not losing neither the identity nor the consciousness of human beings.

I work on different surfaces; material, paper, wood with acrylic colours, markes, pencils and ink, very often using mixed basis.

Exhibitions :

B arcelona

Art exhibition Crea21.

Art exhibition Manchester (England)

Art exhibition Crea21.

Colletive paintings exhibition in Galician social centre “Francisco Ferrío”

G alicia

Art exhibition Ateneo Santa Cecilia (Marín)

Art exhibition Casa Rosada (Pontevedra)

Show of express painting Casa Rosada (Pontevedra)

“Novos Valores 2000” Diputation of Pontevedra

Contest Artes Plásticas de Tuy

Art exhibition Financial Club (Vigo)

Art exhibition RENFE (Vigo)


I belong to the list of Galician artists publishe by Galician Goverment.