Daniel Oliveira


His life has been split between the United States -where he was born in 1975, the Azores  -ancestral land, and Lisbon -the city where he graduated, and has been developing his work.
We are before an artist of the last generation of sculptors, that has finished his course in the year 2000, at the Lisbonīs Fine Arts College. He presents us a work that is faithful to his personal preoccupations and expression, determined by a sober, refined and rational style. His sculptures refer to scientific areas, such as physics, or more spiritual ones, such as alchemy. In his most recent work we are compelled to mention the raw material that is used: wood.
The participation in several collective exhibitions evidences the work of this artist, that has exhibit regularly since 1993, passing by the Azores, Lisbon, Sintra and Porto, in Portugal and in Belgrade, Servia. The quality of his work has been recognized in several juried awards, and in his many solo shows.

Text by J.J.