Diana Andersson


Konstfack,Stockholm,MFA  1982-1988


Single Exhibitions:                                                                                                                             1988, -90, -92, -96 Stockholm ,gallerie Händer                                     (sculptures & pictures)

1989, Umeå, Nya Bildhörnan                                                                    (sculptures & pictures)

1990,Hudiksvall,gallerie Näcken                                                              (sclupturrs & pictiurse)

1991,Luleå, gallerie Tornhuset                                                               (languid revivalistic art)

1992,Visby, galleri FGK                                                                                                            (mixed)

1995,Luleå, Konstens Hus                                                                                               (sculptures)

1995,Ljusdal, The Museum                                                                                             (sculptures)

1999,Umeå, gallerie ETSETSETS                                                         (sculptures & monotypies)

1999,Hudiksvall, The Museum                                                                                       (sculptures)

2001,Trondheim, Kunstforeningen                                                   (sculptures & monotypies)

2005,Järvsö, gallerie Stene                                                     (sculptures,drawings,paintings,)



Stockholm,Millesgarden-87,Kalmar Castlepark-87,Sundsvall Kulturmag.-88,Södertälje Art  G. -88,Skellefteå Museum-88,Sofia (Bulg).”Realism”-88, Umeå ”byside sidewalk”-90,Rome , (It.) Forte Prenestino-92, Luleå -96, Sundsvall Brewery-97, Ljusdal ”I det fria”-98, Hudiksvall Länskonsten-98,Forsbacka Brukskonst-00, Vinslöv,Hedbergs-01, Moviken Art-02,Anger (Fr.)-02, Bjärtrå, Box Kraftverk-03, Härke Konstcentrum-04, Vänersborg Art Gallery-05


Official  Art:

Stockholm,Mariapol.(ward for delirious Finnish seamen) :“Love in vain” (scrap iron boat)

Sthlm Kulturhus,(Bibl.):”Akilles with his kind but silly greek mother”.(welded iron)

Ekerö Kulturhus,(Bibl.):”schizophrenic Madonna” (scrap cupper)

Järvsö, Nybo skola:”Signe”(iron animal) & “Madonna with snake” (cupper)

Iggesund , skolan:”Carrot and Whip”(scrap iron donkey)

Hudiksvall, Southern roundabout:”Hommage à Håsta Creek” (iron and plastic)

                            ……and some other little things not worth mentioning


I make two little bronzesculptures =cultureprizes of  Gävleborg every year since 2000. 

And another price for the National Association of Crime Victims (an earangel in bronze) since 2004.

I have had several negociations with many counties and  landstings.  Mostly small business. Nothing to declare.



Swedish Governments “Artwork”-scholarship, -92 & -94 & 2003.

Ejva Damms  .98, Gävleborgs Landstings Artsch. -03 ,Helge Axelso/Johnsons -05.


……….The last two years I´ve been working more and more with marble.  I´ve been in Carrara two times and will be going there again this autumn. Last winter and spring I mainly worked with an order from an art collector: a 90 cm high catholic Madonna in white marble. Interesting, challenging and extremely developing.