Diana Martin

Date and place of birth: May 17th 1979, Guadalajara, México.

I have participated in over 20 group shows in my my country and abroad, on 2006, i took part of the one-night group show " Mexico meets Hamburg ", held and the IJEL headquarters in Hamburg. In La Habana, Cuba i was the group show " Artists Republic " on the Wilfredo Lamm Art Gallery, also the group show " 1st. International Mail Art Exhibition " in Shah Alam Malasia held at the Seni Gallery, Faculty of Art and Design MARA university of Technology, and the anual Latin American Art Auctions ( MACLA ) held at San José, California US. In my home country i have exhibited in groups shows such as the Red Cross benefit auction in the city of Monterrey, in the Regional Museum of Aguascalientes, in Colima, the Beatriz Narváez Gallery in Puerto Vallarta, the World Trade Center as part of The Female Sessions, a festival that celebrates art created by women and " Historias de Cronopios y de Famas " on Casa Vallarta Gallery of the Guadalajara University.

I have had 13 solo shows all of them in my home city, on my personal exhibit i always tell a story with both  pictures and texts, my shows resemble illustrated books because of the lettering in the walls.

Among them are " Saskia Lumosi and her orange-eyed aunts " held at Casa de Ensueños Art Gallery, " on 2007, " A bird sings on the 4th. Floor " held at the Chucho Reyes Gallery of the Guadalajara University on 2006, " Klodia Columbario, the listener " held at Les Fleurs Du Mort Gallery and the Audiovisual Art University in 2003,  " The pursuers " held in the Art and Culture Forum and the Colomos Art Center on 2005, and " Kevskaav, one tear " held and the El Refugio Museum in Tlaquepaque.

I have also done illustration works for local newspapers and magazines and have recently been featured on the Arts section on the nation wide released cultural newspaper La Manzana.

Next year i will exhibit at the Júárez metro station art gallery in Guadalajara, and before that, in september of course at Marziart International Gallery in Hamburg.