Eric Soll

I donít invent stories. Rather, I seek out stories asking to be told. When I am moved by some experience, I work to capture that moment in order to communicate it to another. Usually, there are only a few components of any moment which are critical to expressing it. Thus, my works tend to be simple yet profound.  They hold the fundamental elements which lend importance to our lives and leave out that which complicates. 

2004 Art Studentís League of New York

2000-2002 Scottsdale Artistís School

Solo Exhibitions
June 2004 - Cadiz, Spain - City of Cadiz, Sala de Exposiciones El Populo

Group Exhibitions
April 2005 - Hamburg, Germany - Marziart Gallery
December 2004 - New York, The Art Student's League Annual Holiday Show
July 2003 - Vejer de la Frontera, Spain - Concurso de Pintura Rapida (Honorable Mention)
June 2003 - Cadiz, Spain - Concurso de Pintura Rapida
May 2003 - Rota, Spain - Concurso de Pintura Rapida
March 2003 - Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain - Concurso de Pintura Rapida