Erik Herdegen


Paintings and Sculptures

For more than 40 years much of my time has been spent creating pictures and sculptures. Through all these years of interest in and work with art I have gained much experience in expressing myself through painting and sculpturing.

The paintings are oil on canvas; the sculptures are often composed of many different materials (stone, tree and metal).

The works are visualizations of feelings evoked by impressions, experiences, or moods that cannot be expressed in words or ordinary pictures.

The titles of the works hint at the source of inspiration: impressions and feelings from many different cultures and from my daily existence.

Erik Herdegen. Born 1944 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Educated as a goldsmith. Autodidactic as an artist.

Travelled a lot in Europe, the Far East and Scandinavia including Faroe Islands.

Various exhibitions in Denmark.

In 2005 partecipazione on Biennale Internazionale Dell`Arte Contemporanea in Firenze.