Erik P. Vos

Resides in Zwolle- The Netherlands

Born 1955


1981- 1986 Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten in Kam­pen (CABK)

sculpture and environmental design

Selected Exhibitions

2002 Galerie Maas Rotterdam

Galerie Doelen Dertig Almelo

2003 Galerie Stijl Arnhem

Galerie B.A.S Sneek

2004 Galerie Stijl Arnhem

Designcentre Utrecht

Galerie Unita Beek/ Ubbergen

2005 Kunshuis KEK Epe

Galerie B.A.S. Sneek

Galerie Kleine Koning Voorburg

Studio Arborhenum Rhenen

Inside Design Amsterdam

2006 Galerie Unita Beek/ Ubbergen

Huntenkunst Doetinchem

Kunstencentrum Het Web Doetinchem

Pelser, the next new thing Zwolle

About my work:

Every new piece of wood has its challenges and possibilities

I search for the shape that goes best with the wood. Significant are the characteristics. For example the cracks, knobs, colour, deformities and annual rings. These characteristics have to fit with the form of the bowl and also give it its appearance.

Especially the bowls that are turned out of wettish wood, seem to force me against the will of the wood itself. The wood shows its characteristic features in cracks and distortions.

By using these particualar chracteristics I lend each bowl or other wooden object its individuality.

These singular shapes cannot be achieved by using dried wood.

Working with green,moist wood is exciting and unpredictable. That s why bowls turned from moist wood have a distinctive, fascinating quality of their own. I don't use sandpaper or a plane on moist wood. Therefore the turning chisels form the last refinement.

I am always trying to discover new outlines, shapes and sizes. Technique is important but what is really significant is to confine the originality and the technique to the shape of the bowl and the (potentials) inherent characteristics of the wood.