Ernst Kraft


...a work of gestural expresionism, in which the colour, and the texture are the clear protagonists, using acrylics, resins and tar (alquitrán), which are extended in heavy brushstrokes over a double woven Federico del Cerro wrote: he makes abstract paintings that reframe the shifting memories of late twentieth century Spanish abstract painting..."

Cristian Venturi


Exhibitions and projects since 2000


2004: Sculpture, Group show "Lofting", Museo Cortijo Miraflores, Marbella (E)
2004 International Group show: DIN A4 (work on paper on DIN A4 format) Grada Museum, Zenice, Bosnia (BH)
2004 Pangea Solidaridad, (Group) Sala de exposiciones Cajamar, Malaga (E)
2004 International Group show: DIN A4 (work on paper on DIN A4 format)- Patio de las Fuentes - Townhall - Mijas (Malaga) (E)
2003 IV Bienal of Contemporary Art, "Cittá di Firenze", "E.K. Recent Projects (Florence Bienal)"

Florence (I)
2003 Sculpture "Caprichos" (Intervenciones al natural) (Group) - -
E.K. "La silla recucitada" Sotogrande (E)
2003 Paintings "Primavera 2003" (Group) - Ambito Cultural, El Corte Inglés - Malaga (E)
2003 "Andalusian based Artists" (Group), Artifex Gallery - Birmingham (UK)
2003 Paint./ "New paintings", Archgallery - London (UK)
2002 Sculpture "El inmueble, Arte en domicilio", las Edades del Oxido (Group) - Malaga (E)
2002 Paint./ "Recent Work", Montage Gallery - Castleton, NY (UK)
2002 Paint./ "Alquitrán", Casa de la Cultura Las Lagunas - Mijas (E)
2002 "Works on Paper", Mecenas Gallery - Malaga (E)
2001 Paintings "Fusión Hispano-Holandés" (Spanish Dutch fusion), org. Royal Netherlands Consulate and the townhall of Torremolinos (E)
2001 "Work on paper", University of Malaga (E)
2001 Coloquium, theme: "Present painting", Ambito Cultural, org. Kylix Magazine and El Corte Inglés - Malaga (E)
2001 "50 x 50", (group) Montage Gallery - Castleton, NY (UK)
00/01 Paint./ Mecenas Gallery (group) - Malaga (E)
2000 Paintings Project: "Nómadas" (Artistas en movimiento) (Group, itenerant) - Estepona, Ronda, etc. final: Malaga (E)
2000 Paintings "Summer Show" (group), Granada Capital Gallery - Granada (E)
2000 Paintings Montage gallery - Castleton, NY (UK)
2000 Paintings Ton Warndorff Gallery - Haarlem (NL)
2000 Paintings International Fair of Contemporary Art of Castilia and Leon "ARCALE" (stand Montage Gallery) - Salamanca (E)
2000 Paintings Reding, Art Gallery - Malaga (E)
2000 Paintings I.C.I. offices (Imperial Chemistry Ind.) (Itenerant) (UK)