Gerard van Hulzen, sculptor, is born on August 11th, 1946 in Uithoorn, the Netherlands. He spent most of his youth days in Amsterdam, where his interest for sculpting opened. In 1974 he finally decides to go study at the “Vrije Pedagogische Academie” (literally translated the Free Pedagogical Academy) in Zeist, the Netherlands. He specialises in art classes and is taught by sculptor Jan Becht. In 1978 he starts teaching at the “Vrije School”(literally translated the Free School) in Amsterdam. From 1992 until 1997 he teaches handicrafts in Zeist. There he teaches the mentally disabled in the age group from 18 ‘till 21, which provides him with a lot of wisdom and happiness.  


Besides teaching Gerard keeps on working as a sculptor. His work gets more and more in demand, and in 1997 he decides to quit teaching and to devote all of his time to sculpting.  


His study tours to France, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Italy, inspire him a lot. Especially his search for unknown and hidden Fresco’s in the north of Italy makes a great impression on Gerard, and he uses these impressions on his creations. Gerard’s statues in wood, stone and bronze emerge from great inner peace and quiet, that leads to imaginations, which are to be expressed in the material. In a conversation with the material figurative or non-figurative images come to being, that invite the spectator to observe and contemplate. Organic creation and quiet movement are important starting points. Nature in all its facet’s is the biggest source of inspiration for Gerard. His life is an everlasting search for values, from where great respect is derived.  


Since 1984 Gerard exposes his work on a regular basis in a.o. Amsterdam, Haarlem, Heemstede, Uithoorn, Vlieland, Zeist and Aalsmeer. He is also known internationally, and his clients consist of both private persons, and institutions in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Great Britain.