I was born in Mukden Hotun in Northeast of China, First 8 years was living in the country side with my grand mother in Inner Mongolia in China.

My interest in Art were also stated in that time, like all the children there, I was everyday playing on the wide grassland, no more toys just the animals, birds, clouds, folk songs around me, inside myself was full of the nice dreams, they all inspired me to paint with lines and colors.

I started to learn painting when I was 8 years old with my father and also an art teacher who was a friend of him, they were teaching together in an art academy, until I went to an art school after my middle school, 3 years there to learn the basic ability of painting. As I dreamed, after that art school I went to an art academy in the Engraving department for 5 years. I was living and painting in a group with many young painters after the academy time, until the end of 1999.

My new life started in Europe, between Holland and Portugal. During the last 7 years, Iíve had more than 20 exhibitions in Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe, Overijssel, Noord Holland, Noord braband, and also some art activities in Lisbon Portugal.

As many painters who growing up in China, I like the traditional Chinese art, especially folk paintings, I like the way those folk artists to paint, simple and full of emotion. I also like the colors of western impressionism, expressionism, I am trying to find a way to build a bridge between eastern and western cultures by paintings.