Ina Menalda


Ina evolved as an artist late in life. Born in 1931 in the former Dutch East Indies and emigrated to Holland after the war she worked as a trained nurse until her marriage in 1959 and soon after was mother of three daughters. 

Her artistic activities were restricted to practicing the "sumi-e" (Japanese ink) technique during a years stay in the USA. 

Only in 1971 -while working part-time as a teacher and consultant at the Leiden Academic Hospital she started with ceramics. Her main mentor was Jaap Ravelli. 

Only after quitting her job following a move to the eastern part of Holland her artistic efforts gradually progressed into a more professional mode. She soon started making bronzes, tutored by Henk Gobel and some years later graphics followed after a course given by Wim Zurne. During the last few years papier macha. usually combined with nature finds, was added to the repertoire. 

During the last twenty years or so she has exposed regularly in many places in Holland. She did several commissions in bronze