Ine de Cock, sculptor

Ine's initial inspiration to turn to stone sculpture occurred during visits to Cornwall and the Lake District (UK). Her perseverance and dedication have developed a diverse and versatile sculpting talent.

She is primarily a self taught sculptor, who maintains a studio in Overasselt, near Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

One of Ine’s passions is for the human form, which can be seen in a wide range of sculptures ranging from stylised to representational. She also creates images of wildlife and pure abstract forms. Inspiration for her sculptures mainly comes from life experiences and observations.

Ine strives to create sculpture which will seduce the viewer's eye, and entice the viewer to touch. The sensory joy one experiences from feeling a polished stone is something no other material can provide, and few viewers can resist the urge to run their hand over her sculptures.

Ine’s work can be found in private, corporate and public collections. She worked regularly on community/school projects using a wide variety of materials from paper-maché to concrete.

Recent exhibitions include:

Gallery  Ravenstein, Ravenstein (NL), 2004

‘Saiv’art 2005’, Saive (B)

‘Artevent 2005’, Antwerpen (B)

Estate ‘de Kemphaan’, Almere (NL), 2005

Recent commissions include:

Rheinische Kliniken, Bedburg-Hau (D), 2005

Memorial park, Nijverdal (NL), 2005