Sculptures in marble – Inger Sannes


During a period of 20 years I worked as a management consultant and Principal first with Accenture and later with IBM. I worked with transformational changes in large companies, often related to introduction of new technology enabling new and more efficient work processes.

Since May 2000 I spend most of my time at Studio Sem in Pietrasanta in North Tuscany sculpturing in marble.

Through sculpturing I can better reflect on life and express the deepest of my dreams and imaginations. Finding a new form is not the essential, but to capture life when shaping the stone.

During the last years I have been experimenting with the "skin" in order to make visible fragments of the "inner life" of the sculpture. To search the synergy between the unconscious creative and the rationale analytical is essential in my work.

I am alternating between Pietrasanta and Stockholm. In Sweden I am working at ”Skulptörens Hus”, Vinterviken, Stockholm.

I was born on the 11th of November 1953 in Sandefjord, Norway.


Since September 2000 member of ASART,

since 2003 founding member of Foundatione Sem

and from January 2005 member of the Swedish Sculptor Association




  • March/April 2006 – Sandefjord Kunstforening, Norway,

  • 2005 and 2006 – Studio La Cascata, Lysaker, Oslo

  • December 2004 – Galleri RICA, Stockholm

  • July 2004 – ASART Show04 – Villa Cavanis, Cappezzano Pianore, Italien

  • January/February 2004, Sörmland Läns Landsting, Eskilstuna, Sweden

  • November 2003 – Galleri Albin Upp, Oslo

  • October 2003 - Fattoria Colle Verde  Lucca, Italy

  • May/June 2003 – IBM Headquarter in Stockholm – only exhibitor

  • May 2003 – ”L’artista e la materia”, Associazione Delle Erbe, Carrara, Italy

  • February 2002 – Saltskog gård (Liljevalchs home) Södertälje, Sweden

  • December 2001 - Gallery ”Art On” i Gothenburg, Sweden

  • September 2000 – Convento S. Francesco, Mostra Madonna, Pietrasanta


Sale and commissions:

Private Art collectors and hotels in Sweden, Norway, England, France, Luxemburg, Italy and China.

2003, Foundation Art & Business, England

2005, Alison Pickett Corporation Art, Hong Kong