“The Garbage collection”

This is a recent series of acrylic paintings on canvas that, although figurative stills, are almost abstract. The theme is finding surprising compositions in those things we pay little attention to and tend to take for granted. The source of inspiration is our daily garbage, as witnessed by the fast transience of matter and events in this modern age.

 “The Garbage Collection” portrays those small, fleeting moments which if you don’t pay attention, pass unnoticed and forgotten.

In the world around us, innovation and consumption rule. All the attention is channeled towards the design and creation of evermore new products and ideas.

But, what and who seems important today, may no longer be tomorrow.

 Who, still has an eye for the fascinating composition and design of for instance, an old newspaper or wrinkled cornflakes packet in a garbage bin, more beautiful than any designer could devise?

You don’t have to look very far to find exciting shapes and colours, they are all around us, often in fatuous details and in the most unexpected places.

In my paintings I want to try to revive or recreate what’s actually been disposed of and become waste and give it new life. A figurative still-life sometimes appears to transform, almost becoming an abstract world in itself. Not the world in a grain of sand, but in a garbage bin. Sometimes, as the silent witness of the transience of matter and events and sometimes, simply a representation of the beauty that coincidently comes into existence when no one is looking anymore. 

Irene ter Haar, 2006