John M. Ramirez



In today's post-modern jumble of thoughts and desires; I felt

the bitter sting of anomie brought on by the technogical revolution.

The depression that I felt made me re-tool and re-shape my vision of

reality. My cognition became more abstract as I became more in

tune with today's digital world.

All of this brings me to my photographs of the urban landscape.

I present to you a set of image that illustrate the colors and rhythms

of the modern city. Please keep in mind that these images are truly abstractiöns of the shared "urban landscape"; not colorful re-interpretations. I hope enjoy them.




Staten Island College of the City University of New York Master of Arts awarded on January 2003

Area of study, Cinema Studies


Queens College of the City University of New York Bachelor of Arts awarded on January 2002

Major: Studio Art Minor: Philosophy


laGuardia Community College of the City University of New York Associate of Arts awarded on September 2000

Area of study, Fine Arts



May 2003             Organization tor Independent Artist New York,

                           "Salon Exhibition" exhibition


March 2003          Hudson Guild, Lowe Gallery New York, 

                            "Emerging Artist Show" exhibition


December 2002   Yorktown Art Center, Yorktown,Pennsylvania

                            "Small Works" exhibition


October 2002       Sperone Westwater Gallery New York,

                            "Postcards from the Edge" exhibition and benefit


September 2002   Gallery 304 Amherst, Massachusetts "Small Works" exhibition


April 2002              St.Philps Episcopal Church Art Gallery New York,

                            “In God´s Hands” exhibition


February 2002        Macy Gallery Columbia University New York,                     

                             "Postcards to New York" exhibition


February 2002        Ivy Tech State University Fort Wayne, Indiana

                              "National Art Show and Benefit" exhibition


November 2001    Queens College of the City University of New York

                              "Suit Yourselt" exhibition


September 2000    Gallery M New York, New York

                             "Letting the Spirit Out" exhibition



Hudson Guild, St.Philuips Episcopal Church, Gallery M