Jørn Ladegaard

My basic education is as decorator which took 4 years. 2 years took place at decorator schools in Copenhagen and Arhus and 2 years with practical decorator work.

Having finished my education as a decorator I worked as a decorator for 6 years.

After the 6 years as decorator I took up the study to become a teacher with special emphasis on After School Recreation Centres. These 2 educational backgrounds enabled me to work with teaching I different arts and creative subjects on art schools and boarding schools.

During the period from 1985 to 1991 I worked as the Headmaster of Langelands Art School. My subjects during this period were Drawing, Painting and Installation Art. For a longer period I was also associated with Roedovre private Art School. Since 1995 I have worked as a fulltime painter in my own studio.

My paintings are exhibited I Galleries, Art Associations and a big variety of institutions in Denmark and Europe. Furthermore I have won various competitions for paintings and sculptures for private companies and institutions.

Inspiration for my paintings I mostly find in the nature. The nature, seen with my eyes is too unique to be copied, why I prefer to express my feelings in the non-figurative.

The choice of colours is often expressionistic, warm and glowing colours in oil and acrylic. I also like to experiment with other types of colours as well as materials.

The paintings is not meant to tell a specific story, it is meant to appeal to the senses. It is my hope that my paintings ignite the fantasy of the viewers and tell her/him a story.

Many of my paintings are based on sketched from my many travels in Europe, Australia and Africa, photos and later on transformed into paintings in my Studio..

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