Joseph Gerges

I am mostly self-taught and have worked as an advertising photographer for years.

Now I'm concentrating on fineart photography using the computer and printing on a wideformat inkjet printer with pigmented inks for archival quality.

Using the computer has become a method of convenience and greater control as I develop my technique to achieve a more subtle photographic end result.

I am now returning to a more rudimentary understanding and examination of subject matter.

In simplifying my photography I let the subject reveal itself more readily than if I were trying to layer the work with unnecessary meaning.

There is now a general trend among fineart photographers to go back to the basics of photography and this is finding a healthy echo among the viewing public and art buyers.

At the time being I am trying to produce an ever-growing body of work without specialising in any one genre of photography and to exhibit my work and have it printed internationally to reach a larger audience.