Juli Adams


It's hard to describe what my paintings are. It is as if a new world opens up every time a piece is underway. Each image is a new character observed and captured in an expression that speaks about a larger picture; what it is to BE. To feel. To be conscious, and alive. The images are deceptively simple. The closer you look, the more there is to 'see'. My titles are as important as the image as they both work together to create an image of serious play revealing each breathless moment as it passes and is added to the story of being human.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art History, and Women's Studies from The
Evergreen State College in Washington State, USA.

Gallery shows:
Solo show at the Center for the Performing Arts, Olympia Washington USA
(Featured artist in citywide Arts Walk including winner of Art Walk posterart)
Altitude Gallery, Big Sky Montana USA
RiverSea Gallery, Astoria Oregon USA
The Artist's Tree, Spokane Washington USA
The Peanut Gallery, Seattle Washington USA
Wene Gallery, Portland Oregon USA
Artemesia Gallery, Portland Oregon USA

Participant in numerous fine art fairs around the USA including:
The Plaza Art Fair, Kansas City Missouri USA
Art in the Pearl, Portland, Oregon USA
Bellevue Festival of the Arts (Invited Artist) Bellevue, Washington USA
Mill Valley Art Festival Mill Valley California, USA
South University Art Fair, Ann Arbor Michigan USA

Corporate Exhibitions:
Adobe Corporate Center, Seattle Washington USA
Real Networks, Seattle, Washington USA
Fisher Communications, Seattle, Washington USA