1984: 3rd Prize. Young Post Competition 1984 (organized by South China Morning Post Limited, a major Hong Kong English newspaper)
1984: Hong Kong Youth Cultural & Arts competitions.
1984: Hong Kong Children's Art Exhibition (organized by the Hong Kong Museum of Art)
1985: Exhibition of Pupils' Drawing and Painting from Life.
1986: Hong Kong Youth Cultural & Arts competitions.


I am a Hong Kong-based self-taught artist obsessed with Acrylic paintings. I started to learn Western art during my early school days. I gained a good number of awards during different school terms, however, I diverted attention towards obtaining further professional qualifications in the computer science field.
2004: Paul Klee's Artworks rekindled my interest and desire to paint again. I do not burdened by many traditional rules to paint as I have not received extensive training in Fine Art. My unique painting style lies in my tying the simple lines and composition from my heart bubbling further with passionate and inspiring thoughts.
2007-08 Exhibitions
Open Art, PARIS
Rueil-Malmaison , at "Atelier Grognard", PARIS
Espace V in Villepinte, PARIS
Galeria Sa Tafona, SPAIN
Artist Commune, HONG KONG
Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte
contemporanea-FIRENZE, ITALY
Marziart International Gallery, GERMANY
Birla Academy of Art & Culture, INDIA