"Krivru" Kristel Van Rumste

(born  26th July 1966) lives in Schoten, Belgium.  As a teenager, she became fascinated with the dynamics of drawing and painting, and signed up at the Art Academy in Merksem.  It was the start of a real passion for art.

A trip to the south of France and visits to various museums, led to a turning point in her career.  Inspired by the harbour of Saint-Tropez and the artworks on display, she began integrating the designs and colours typical of that region, into her own work.

In 2001, she started a ‘Creative Drawing and Painting’ collective in Schilde, together with Ineke Staal, which resulted in a new change in style. Her paintings became abstract and more emotional.

During a sabbatical year after her 35th birthday, she moved to a new place and made her dream come true of having her very own workshop at home.

Kristel uses acryclic paint on canvas. She starts out with loose, intuitive lines, and plays with light, shape and colour, combining closed planes with almost transparent open spaces and fluid colourchanges. Her works are symbols of freedom and remind the viewer of Angels’ wings. There is a natural rhythm to the paintings. They are clear, colourfull and expressive, with their own characteristic shapes and full of  joy of living.

Creativity is ever-present in Kristel’s life. Playing with design, decoration and clothing is another thing she is passionate about.

She has a profound love for Japanese interior design and calligraphy, and admires not just the elegance, but also the deeper meaning behind this art form. It is another thing she tries to incorporate into her paintings.

2004 was a fruitfull year for Kristel, with numerous exhibitions and projects in both Belgium and Holland. In November 2004, she received a nomination for her work ‘Cafe Noir’ at the Indigo Art Contest, and in January 2005, she won first place with ‘Encounter’ at the ‘Kleur in Etalage’ (‘colour in display-windows’) contest in Kapellen (B).

With many new exhibitions planned, she looks forward to sharing her work with you at one of her shows in 2005.