Leila Membreľo de Hernandez, who is born and raised in El Salvador, is an artist, designer, educator and is part of The Faithful who are fervent Mac Adorers. In her work she explores the similarities and differences between the Mayan culture and the Apple Macintosh computer and blends them together to create a techno-cultural hybrid which she refers as The Mayatosh.

Leila studied handcraft design in the school of Fine Arts Carlos Alberto Imery at the Universidad Dr. Jose Matias Delgado in El Salvador where she obtained her bachellors in handcraft design (licenciatura en diseľo  artesanal). Her thesis research was a rescue of the slowly dying art of the backstrap loom.  Leila graduated with the top score in her area.

Leila has travelled internationally to most of central america, Russia, Greece, France, Spain, Portugal and lived in Florence Italy. She has also visited several important mesoamerican archeological sites such as Copan, Palenque, Monte Alban, Mitla and Tikal.  Her research is to discover symbols of power, control and spiritual beliefs in mesoamerican cultures in order to blend them with similar  aspects in modern technology. Leila is constantly exploring different techniques and materialsĐbesides clay, such as integrating computer parts to the final pieces.  Her resulting artwork is a metaphor that offers a humourous solution to fear through a god-like presence in a Mayan context.

Leila has been invited by the National Museum of Antropology David J. Guzman to show her Mayatosh work in a solo exhibition. She has also participated in many exhibitions around the United States like Washington DC, Chicago, Florida and Texas. Leila has also visited several places to talk about her work among them are conferences and Universities.

Currently Hernandez is the area coordinator for the graphic design program at the University of Texas-Pan American. In her classes Hernandez promotes critical thinking and good design.  For fun she tends to her garden, collects old Macintosh computers and travels to Mexico for inspiration.

You may visit her website at www.Mayatosh.com