Lemuel Line after many years in advertising illustration, is now enjoying the freedom of creating abstract art, demonstrating his finely tuned sense of color and design. His paintings show an artistic vigor and subtlety; a command of composition and technique. At times he starts his painting from an abstract approach and works towards making certain elements recognizable. This often gives his painting humorous and intriquing twists--evocative images that invite the viewer into a mystical and engaging world. "I believe the creating of art to be an ever expanding horizon; the adventure of continual discovery and rediscovery. Every painting is a new experience. I try not to repeat myself and continue to enjoy the exploration of new ideas and territory."



Philadelphia Museum of Art,Philadelphia, "Great Ideas of Western Man" for Container Corporation of America
The Academy of Fine Arts of Philadelphia
American College in Bryn Mawr, Pa.
Chester County Museum of Art, West Chester, Pa.
Port of History Museum in Philadelphia, Pa.
Solo Shows
Episcopal Academy in Haverford, Pa.
Aspen Charity benefit at Colorado home of Linda Wachner