Lisbet Olin-Ranstam 


Artist's statement

With my pictures I wish to amuse and confuse myself and you.

To my pictures of snails with cats' eyes or eggs containing the
world I add little things from our modern everyday life: pieces
of plastic cards, electronic components, SIMs, glitter from the
Christmas tree in January, or an earring when the other one is
lost. In this way I find endless sources of amusement since all
the little scraps of civilisation can be seen as possible assets
in my picture world.



1974, AMU Centre, Furulund, Sweden
1981, Traveling Exhibition in Greater Stockholm, Sweden
1981, Spångholm School, Bara, Sweden
1982, Folkets hus, Svedala, Sweden
1982, Malmö General Hospital, Malmö, Sweden
1985, Nyteboda Bygdegård, Sweden
2001, Public Library, Broby, Sweden
2002, Smartgalleries (
2002, Art Department (
2003, Four Corners Culture Week, Scania, Sweden
2003, Sydkraft AB, Norrköping, Sweden
2003, World Wide Arts (
2003, The Art of Being Tactile (
2003, Autumn exhibition, Konstpunkten, Malmö, Sweden


2004, Marziart Internationale Galerie, Hamburg, Germany
2004, Free Artists' Guild Easter Exhibition, Bollerup Castle, Bollerup, Sweden


1974-1975, Textile Art College, Folkuniversitetet, Lund, Sweden
1976-1977, Art College, Folkuniversitetet, Lund, Sweden
1977-1978, Textile art, Nyckelviksskolan, Lidingö, Sweden
1978-1979, Professional weaving, Polhemsskolan in Lund, Sweden
1980-1980, Professional sewing, S:t Görans gymnasium, Stockholm, Sweden