"Mablo Mablo"

Nationality : Italian

Date of birth : 25.January  1970


During my brief university career (I have 34 years old), I published many literary articles and a book about Paul Valéry's poetry (do you remember the architect called Eupalinos?). As for my passion for art, especially during my frequent stays in Paris and in other towns of France, I have met several managers of art Gallery and I started to be in touch with some good artists. One of them provided for the binding pictures of my book. I also entered on a moderate collecting activity. I have always loved drawing and painting and also thanks to these experiences I began wishing to express myself through my images (I particularly like watercolours and photos).


 Work Experience :

 2003/2004 – Research contract to the University «La Sapienza» in Rome; Research title:

 Poesia e pittura nella seconda metà dell’Ottocento francese (Poetry and painting

 in the middle of the french nineteenth-century).