Magdalena Giesek                            

Born on the 12 th of July 1979 in Gdansk (Poland). Graduated in political science at University of Gdansk and in Latin American relations at University of Warsaw. Her passion to painting was discovered during her stay in Latin America. Exotic landscapes opened her mind on colors, which are still her favorite way of expression. Her moods and subconscious desires are also showed in graphics and photography. All her projects are dedicated to her friends, who were and are the first audience of her art.




16.III.-01.IV.2007 Café El Sur, Murcia, Spain,

01.III- 14.III.2007 Foro Artístico, Murcia, Spain

X- XI.2006 La Taberna del Puerto, Cabo de Palos, Spain.


29.V-30.VI.2007 Barcelo`s Fundation, Majorca, Spain. Exhibition of paintings selected in VII International Painting Competition

04.V.-26.V.2007 House of Culture Bullas, Spain. Exhibition of artists participating in Erotic Painting Competition  Bullas`2007

15-30.XI.2006 Art Center “La Carcel”, Molina de Segura, Spain. Exhibition of paintings participating in Molajoven 2006 Competition.

15-30.XI.2006 Ateneo, Molina de Segura, Spain Photography’s exhibition of artists participating in Molajoven 2006

15-22.IX.2006 Gregorio Cebrian Municipal Galery, Totana, Spain Exhibition of awarded paintings and photograpy in Crearte Joven 2006 II Award for OJO FELINO painting

5-28.V.2006 House of culture, Bullas in Spain EROTICAL PAINTINGS’ EXHIBITION, artworks awarded in Young May 2006 Competition


01-31.VII.2007 granted by Karrvaz Fundation to realize an individual artistic project in International Art Center – INSTITUTO RURAL DE ARTE HOZ DEL JUCAR in Alcala del Jucar, Spain

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