Malie Baehr

...painting daily life. I am mainly interested in painting people in their natural surroundings, in town, on the beach, in cafés etc. On a daily basis I make sketches on the spot and use them for my paintings. My style is impressionistic. I want to catch the original atmosphere of the scene in my paintings, whereby color and light are the most important aspects.

My studio in Amsterdam is situated on one of the canals in the center of town, overlooking a bridge with a constant lively passage of people. I love Amsterdam and I always see paintings before my eyes when I pass by. This last year I have mainly worked around my studio and have tried to catch the atmosphere of people in Amsterdam. Some of these paintings will be shown in Marziart Gallery.


Since 1991 I have had exhibitions in Holland. This is the first time in Germany..

Recent exhibitions

Art gallery Twisk in Twisk (Noord-Holland) 2005/2006/2007

Gallery Betsy Liepertz in Wijk bij Duurstede1998/200/2002/2005/2007

Holland Art Fair 2004/2005

Leyden Art Fair 2003

Art education

Some years study at the “Vrije Academie” in The Hague.

One year study at the “Ruud Wackers academie”

Some years lessons from painter/sculptor Hans Bayens