Marc Deeleman

Since he was 17, self-taught artist Marc Deeleman (1965) has been working on and off in the atelier of his father, the sculptor Frans Deeleman, where he experimented with casting techniques and trained himself in related techniques. In 1996 he started designing and realising his own bronze objects: mainly abstract works cast in sand moulds, a process in which spontanity and chance effects play a large role; a technique, moreover, that yields only unique pieces. Since 1999 he has also been designing sculptures in wax, that are then cast via the lost wax method.

Marc Deeleman's sculptures show the fancifulness you may expect from working with sand moulds, but also the sculptures made through the lost wax method have this characteristic. An abundance of forms, often organic, varying from fine and sometimes almost two-dimensional to robust and rudimentary. The sculptures share a similar character, which may best be described as fresh and individualistic; Deeleman has been able to steer chance in that direction.