Marc Till


Marc Till was born in France in 1954.

He lives in the Paris region, where he is works in the Research and Development Department of a multinational company.

When he was 15, he happened to be Julian Snelling's neighbour and frequent visits to his sculpture studio triggered an active interest in sculpture. Since then he has been carving wood as a self taught sculptor, on a more or less regular basis. In the late seventies, he also experimented with clay for a couple of years.

In 1999, after a long period of dilatory activity, he decided to become much more involved in sculpture and joined the local artists' association: Mosaïque. He studied with Jérôme Guilbert, starting with clay modeling and plaster casting for one year and continued with stone carving afterwards.

His inspiration comes mostly from human or animals forms, more or less stylised. He strives to express his emotions through form and matter, as much for the eye as for the hand of the viewer. Having experimented with wood, stone, clay and bronze, he still has a slight preference for wood because of its living aspect and the warm feeling it provides when polished.


Le cabaret du Lys, in Chevreuse, July 2005

Le Canapé, in Gif-sur-Yvette, July & August 2005

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