Martin Abspoel

Sculptor and self taught fine artist.

Born on 14 September 1952 in Haarlem (the Netherlands).

Now lives and works in Amsterdam (the Netherlands).


He produces portraits, bust, statues and sculptures of high quality in bronze

in a explicit own (figurative) style.

He has been commissioned to produce portraits of various persons and receives commissions from within the Netherlands and abroad.

In December 2003, as one of the chosen artists from the Netherlands,

Martin accepted to represent the Netherlands and display his sculptures at one of the most prestigious European exhibition, the

Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea, in Florence, Italy.

    Participation in the Biennale is only by nomination by the International Committee of Critics, now numbering almost fifty members from around the world.

    Over 891 artists, painters, sculptors and photographers from over 7 nations participated in the world's most comprehensive exhibition of Contemporary Art.

    Artworks where considered by an International Jury, which comprises distinguished art and museum curators and contemporary art critics.

    Nominated works were to meet specific criteria set down by Cultural Departments formed by art scholars, before the final approval to exhibit was decided by the Biennale Organising Committee.


 A critic: Prof. Dr. Matty Roca

Critic, art Historian (Mexico), and Member of the International Art Critics Association (AICA).

President of Talento, Culture and Fine Art Institute, A.C. Mexico.

Director of the Cultural Association Santorini.

Director of the Cultural Area in Cacun and director of Cacun art, Mexico.

Curator and Museologist of the International sculpture artwork, MONUMENTAL, exhibited in the “Malecón del Campeche”.

President of the jury of the second Biennial of Comtemporary Art in Villahermosa, Tabasco.

Curator of 19 exhibitions in Mexico.


"Born with art in his soul, he has recently begun to delight us with his work. 

Each piece has its own vibration, even its own style. 

Humanism, balanced reflection on the various states of thought are in his work. 

His feeling is the thread that carefully handles the human figure, its forms and movements, it focuses his interest in life that inspires his work.

Living and dreaming?

Both verbs are true synonyms for Martin Abspoel.

Abspoel triumphs just where the majority fail, he does not allow complexity  to end in confusion, he finds light and creates form."