Mathilde Bouvard

Professionnal activity in the artistic field:


- Small Scenography + Body Painting Show in “Salzclub”, Berlin (Charlottenburg)

- Live Painting Performances in “Le Petit Laboratoire”, Berlin (Friedrichshain)

- Body Painting make up for the Eppo Decker (fashion designer) ‘fashion show, Berlin (Kreuzberg)

Coming Soon:

- Photo reportage “Prostitutes of Europe” in all Europe about prostitution

- Painting exhibition in the “Centre Bagatelle” festival, Berlin

- Painting exhibition + Live Painting Performance in a french-german-polin festival, Berlin

- Painting exhibition in the gallery “Marziart International”, Hamburg


- Creation and opening of “ Le Petit Laboratoire”, Galerie – Bar – Boutique,


- Decor for “Max Jacob”, movie for ARTE, SFP studios ( French Society of Production), Paris

- Painting exhibition in "Café au lait", in Berlin (Charlottenbourg)

- Photography for a theater poster for Avignon festival

- Painting exhibition in the gallery "art up deco", Paris (Bastille)

- Body-painting show in club "79", Paris (Champs- Elysées)

- Creation and opening with press conference of my website:

- Body-painting show in Delirium Tzigane, Avignon

- Decor for the Enzo Cormann theatre play " Toujours l'orage", by T. Wenger for the

  2006 Avignon festival and a national tour

- Painting and photo's exhibition in "Échappée belle", Avignon


- Painting and photo's exhibition in "Belgocargo", Avignon

- Painting exhibition in "Cloître des Carmes" (Blues festival), Avignon

- Painting exhibition in "Passagers du Zinc", Avignon

- Creation of the theatre play "Face à Face" with the company "Terre Battue"

- Painter designer for the TV's movie : "Diane, femme-flic" on TF1 at the SFP's studio in Paris

  (French Company of Production)

- Painting exhibition in "O'Greduzingo", Avignon

- Decor for "RAJE Radio" in Avignon

- Decor for the J.L Maunaury theatre play "Cyclope", by T.Wenger for the 2005 Avignon's festival

  and a national tour (second version)

- Painting and photo's exhibition in "Cloître Saint Louis"(exhibition on Art and the Body), Avignon

- Body-painting show: "Délirium Tzigane"

- Agnès Saint Gal de Pont's assistant for the scale model of Cannes's new station

- Town planning's photography for the agency "Vaucluse Logement"


- Painter designer at "Artefact" for TF1 Television's programme "Fête de la Musique"

- Emmanuelle Favre's assistant for the scale model of "Mylène Farmer's Concert" - Paris

- Decor and costume for the theatre play "Cyclope" (first version) in 2004 Avignon's festival

  and national tour

- Decor for a beauty institute in Avignon



-2004/2005 DEUST Show's Art (Aix-Marseille's Academy)

-2003/2004: Fine Art School (Avignon)

-2002/2003: Art and Literary levels with distinction