Nadjezjda van Ittersum



Royal Academy For Fine Arts, The Hague

Vrije Academy, The Hague

Disciplines: Mixed media, ceramic statues, graphics, assemblages & object photography



Selection of recent exhibitions:

1996 The Dutch Embassy, London, UK

1998 & 2003 De Hazelaar, Soest, NL

1999 International Construction Fair, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, NL

1998 & 2001 A(rt)ssenede, Assenede, B

2000 Keukenhof Lisse, NL

2000 M. van Rossum Museum & sculpture garden, Zaltbommel, NL

2001 Sypensteyn Castle, Loosdrecht, NL

2001 La Grande Arche, Paris, F

2001 Municipal Gallery, Gouda, NL

2001 Ministeries of Agriculture/Fisheries/Economic Affairs & Justice, The Hague, NL

2002 Die Grüne Woche, (via Ministery of Agriculture ), Berlin, D

2003 Installation in Gallery Indigo, Damme, B

2003 SBK Art Centre Haarlem, Harlem, NL

2004 Gallery Pim de Rudder, "Robust Busts", Assenede, B

2004 Gallery AC Witteveen II, Amsterdam, NL

2005 SBK Amstelveen, Amstelveen, NL

2005 Huntenkunst, Doetichem, NL

2005 Monastero delle Lucrezie & Museo Pinacoteca, Todi, It.

2005 ‘Behind the Pillars’, City Hall, Bloemendaal, NL

2006 ’05, 04, ’03  Gallery Diva, Amsterdam, NL

2006 Galerie Verein Berliner Künstler, Berlin, D

2007, 2005, 2003, 2002, Singer Museum, Laren, NL

2007 Nabokov Museum, solo exhibition, St.-Petersburg, Russia

2007 Marziart Internationale Galerie, Hamburg, D

Nadjezjda van Ittersum is a versatile artist, who feels equally at home in various  disciplines. She makes art photography and also works in acrylic, paper and clay. She uses chamotte clay to sculpt her somewhat haughty-looking ceramic goddesses and tsarinas. They are clad in voluptuous summer-frocks with frivolous shoulder-straps and corsets, dispelling the static character of the ceramic medium. The ladies observe their admirers provocatively from under their playful head-attire, adorned with horns & flowers..The tsarinas & goddesses vary in size from 20 to 90 centimeters.. Nadjezjda specially created three giant ceramic statues: Isis, Pandora & Rebecca, for the International Construction Industry Fair.

These were featured in the Dutch cultural TV show, “Kunstblik Monumentaal”, and were eventually presented as a prize to one of the participants, Dijnselburg Swimming Pool. The 3 statues are now a permanent feature at the Dijnselburg Swimming Pool in Zeist.

For these statues, Nadjezjda was awarded 1st prize from the International Contstruction Fair’s panel of experts. This was a trip back to her roots in Russia’s St.- Petersburg.

Nadjezjda has held many international exhibitions of herwork e.g.: in Paris, Brussels, London, Todi (Italy), Berlin, Hamburg & St.-Petersburg, Russia.

The hallmark of her work is a unique combination of humour, dynamism & mystique.


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