Pete Kelly



Pete Kelly was born in Cumbria, NW England in October, 1966.

Son of military Father, Pete grew up in West Germany with British Forces Schools, and was introduced to the fundamentals of photography in 1984, by completing a 6 month ‘YTS’ [Internship]course in Photography at the ‘Royal Air Force  Photographic Unit’ Wildenrath.

He then moved to U.K to study Graphic Design and graduated from  Stockport College in 1986 completing a BND in Graphic Design/ Advertising'.

Pete then moved to the U.S.A in 1987, and stayed until 2002, living in West Palm Beach Florida, Kansas City Missouri, Brooklyn New York & Upstate, New York.

The decision to explore the United States has benefited Pete greatly as a visual artist.



Pete is an emerging Fine Art Photographer, utilising the computer to layer his imagery and sometimes combining  images. He has been involved in the 'Digital Revolution' since the early days, adapting photographic and darkroom fundamentals using Photoshop in the computer.

He taught 'Digital Imaging' at ‘The New School’ in Manhattan, whilst living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in 2001 and his digital ability was commended in 1999 when he won an award at the 'New York Festivals' for a series of posters.



Pete has been successful selling his personal work since 1990 and gained his first ‘serious’ representation at ‘The Robin Rice Gallery’ whilst living in New York from 1998 – 2004.

He is now represented in 5 states in the U.S and U.K.

Pete is currently residing in Cheshire, England, and has contributed to many gallery shows:

- 'The Dow & Jones Permanent Collection', New York.

- 'Sloan-Kettering Permanent Collection' New York.

- 'Williamsburg Art & Historical Society’, New York.

- '707 Contemporary', Santa Fe, New Mexico.

- 'Hudson Galleries', New Orleans, Louisiana.

- 'Aspen International Art', Aspen, Colorado.

- 'Carrie Haddad Gallery’, Hudson, New York.

- 'Keeshan's Fine Art’, Kansas City, Missouri.

- 'Robin Rice Gallery’, Manhattan, New York.

- ‘Gallery 22’, Hale, Cheshire, U.K

- ‘Calvin Charles Gallery’ Scottsdale, Arizona.

- ‘Lunar Boy Gallery’ Astoria, Oregon.




"My approach to photography is very similar to a painter, I want to interpret more than is actually there,

the image capture is just the beginning of the creative process for me.

My work is a complex process of multiple photographic layers, some textural, some imagery, layered in Photoshop and output to museum-quality archival Giclee prints on 100% cotton canvas and protected with Liquin Impasto [an oil-based medium]."



Group Exhibitions:

1995 -  Theme Shows, various locations, Kansas City, MO.

1996 - AIDS Benefit, Kansas City, MO - 'Night of a Thousand Stars'.

1997 - Regnier Photography Gallery, Kansas City, MO - 'Mixed Media Shared Ideas'.

1999 - Sloan-Kettering Permanent Photographic Collection.

2000 - Dow & Jones Permanent Photographic Collection.

2000 - Robin Rice Gallery, Manhattan, NY.

2001 - Get Real Art, Manhattan, NY.

2002 - Bloomingdales Photographic Collection.

2002 - 707 Contemporary, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

2003 - Aspen International Art, Aspen, Colorado.

2003 - Hudson Galleries, New Orleans, LA.

2003 - Lightbox Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri.

2004 - Gallery 22, Hale, Cheshire, U.K.

2004 – Calvin Charles Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona.

2005 – Lunar Boy Gallery, Astoria, Oregon.


Solo Exhibitions:

1997 - Red Chair Gallery, Kansas City, MO.

2002 - Robin Rice Gallery, Manhattan, NY.

2002 - Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, NY.

2002 - '707 Contemporary' Santa Fe, New Mexico.

2004 - Robin Rice Gallery, Manhattan, NY.

2005 – ‘Lunar Boy Gallery’ Astoria, Oregon.

2005 – ‘Calvin Charles Gallery’, Scottsdale, Arizona.



1983 – Y.T.S Photography Course, R.A.F Wildenrath  Photo Unit.

1984-1986 - Stockport College BND Graphic Design/Advertising.

1990-1993 – Associated Photographers, Kansas City: Custom Printer B & W

and Colour, film processing, printing, copywork, portraits, P.R photography.

1993- Internship with ‘Vedros & Associates’ Kansas City: Large Commercial Studio, learning all aspects of commercial photography. Lighting, camera formats - 35mm, 2 1/4, 4x5 & 8x10, set building, portfolio creation and management.

1994 –1996 Photography Assistant to Nick Vedros, Mike Regnier, Hollis Officer.

1996 – 1998 – Commercial freelance Photographer: Clients included Lee Jeans, Hallmark Cards, Missouri Lottery, Ingrams Magazine, HNTB Architecture, NCAA Basketball, Tivol Jewellery.


1998 –2004 – Commercial Freelance New York: Clients included, Penguin Books, Dutton Books, HNTB, Boehringer Ingelheim, Hallmark Cards, Sony music.


2001- 2002 – Taught ‘Photoshop 1’ & ‘Digital Imaging’ at ‘The New School’ Manhattan, New York.


2004 – 2005 – Freelance Photographer, Marple, Cheshire: Clients include, Rumpus, Hallmark Cards, Cheshire Life magazine, Dutton Books, Venus, Victor Chandler, Gallery 22, Private collectors & commissions.