Peter Fauland

About me and the series "Sandlines" ...

I work as a freelance landscape and people photographer and 
concentrated on the mid-west of the United States of America in the 
last years.

Many years ago, running over the pages of a travel magazine, I 
spotted a small and rather unimposing photograph of some rolling 
hills scenery. The surreal look, the strength of razor sharp swingled 
lines, the richness in tonality was breathtaking and I thought to 
myself: “ This is a place I want to see at least once in my life! ”

I started investigating and it took quite some time before I read an 
enthusiastic article, written by a landscape photographer, about a 
place he called “The Wave”. Wave - if I had to summarize in one word 
what this mystic place is all about, I would say it`s a frozen wave 
of sandstone. I did not let up and in autumn 2001 I was rewarded, 
finding myself in front of liquid rocks …

The place absorbed me and I spent many hours carefully exploring the 
lines and curves.

I felt a sense of motion in this otherwise static environment. The 
variety of layers of sedimentary rock is breathtaking, with the 
thickness of a single layer ranging from a few sheets of paper up to 
several inches.

Since my first visit I am addicted to these “Sandlines” and I try to 
come back as often as possible.

(Peter Fauland was born in germany 1971. He lives and works now in 
France and neighboring switzerland).