Rob den Boer , Visual Artist

 Rob den Boer (Utrecht, Netherlands, 1968) studied sculpture at the Utrecht School of the Arts (1992-1997). Attending evening courses, he further developed his skills in graphics, particularly in etching and dry needle.

A continuous stream of drawings, usually in charcoal, forms the basis for etchings and sculpture. In addition to their function as a "reservoir of ideas", he also sees these drawings as an independent body of work in their own right.

He is searching for moments, links that represent the continuous motion of the wave, returning again and again in human life: moments of TIMELESSNESS. Guided by intuition, he records lines and shapes out of which, over several series of drawings, a natural coherence begins to emerge. Reactions to visual elements, moving points of reference and "astonishment" play important roles in the creative process. The work thus created, breathes a natural presence, which emerges from the image itself.

The materials he uses are generally natural: wood, paper, iron, charcoal. Wood often forms the basis, the framework, from which the sculpture takes shape.

His drawings, etchings and sculpture share a common fascination for LINE, omission, proportions and coherence, which makes the surface breathe and allows for a natural balance between the artistic process and the treatment of the material.

Rob den Boer has had various exhibitions in Germany, Netherlands, France, Austria, Switzerland, Canada and the United Kingdom. He has also published several articles about the artist practice and art exhibitions in the Netherlands. In 2001 he was awarded with a goldmedall by the European Art Society of Baden-Baden (Germany) for his etchings. In 2004 he became a member of the Genootschap Kunstliefde Art Society in Utrecht, Netherlands.

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