Shay Hurley

Lives and works in Ireland


Projects since 2000 :
Multimedia exhibition-with several other artists-on the River Suir. Origination, facilitation, my responsibility.

Larsmai/Fragments, photographic exh. with installations inspired by the destruction of the industrial and other infrastructure on Suir Island in my home town of Clonmel.

Book published: Boats, Cots, Punts and Wherries; a facsimile from the diaries of a river boatman. Limited numbered edition - sold out.

Scath an Chrotaigh-photographic exh. on the Comeragh Mountains, shot during a period of snow and ice-using the shapes and contortions of the ice as a metaphor for the fragility of the mountain landscape under threat from sheep grazing and commercial forestry etc.

Burren - a stony ground, photographic exh. f. In preparation;  -Agallamh na


Cloch - Talking Stones, a reflection, using photos and installations on the work of the mason -that of my grandfather and granduncle being the inspiration.


Years end, dv, a cdrom on the river Suir