Sherie Haunzwickl

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Sherie Haunzwickl has been a resident of Laurenburg, Germany since 1997. She is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and a member of the North American Nature Photography Association along with the American Society of Media Professionals.



My interest in photography was borne from a love of nature and my desire to preserve what I see; that "fleeting moment in time". I was drawn to cameras and film primarily for their ability to precisely record these moments. That initial fascination has developed into an avenue for artistic expression.


My perpetual search for new subjects to photograph has made me appreciate the importance of simple elements that are a part of nature; things that we often, through familiarity, take for granted. The study of these visual elements - shapes, texture and the interplay of light and shadow - provides me a deep sense of satisfaction. My craft relies on simple and straightforward compositions where simplicity is preserved rather than employing techniques that obscure and distort natural forms.


Photography has always been and remains multifaceted; it tells us stories of life and death, gives us insight, pleasure and pain. I am always amazed at the ease in which photography can effect emotion, insight and connection. Through my photographs, if I am able to provide a glimpse of my vision - a view through my looking glass - then it will have been a worthwhile effort.