Teresa Torres


Teresa Torres was born in 1961 in Portugal where she lived until 1975, during the period 1975-1979 she lived in France where she completed high school and attended art courses at the École Duperré (Paris). She returned to Portugal ( Porto) in 1980 , where she completed the BA in Plastic Arts at Escola de Belas Artes do Porto. She completed an MA in art craft and design education at University of Surrey Roehampton in 1999. Since then she lives in Portugal and works in art education and painting.


She has done several individual exhibitions in Portugal and participated on art festivals and collective exhibitions in Europe and South America. Since 1998 she started to work on collaborative projects with visual artists; poets and musicians organising shows and performances such as the visual/music/poetry performance ‘Earth without Borders’ realised in three cities of Portugal. As a member of R2001 group she promoted eARTh/Ututu multimedia performances in the XI (2001) and XII International Art   Biennial Of Vila Nova De Cerveira (2003). 


eMail: teresatorreseca@hotmail.com


homepage: http://teresatt.tripod.com