Vania Pentcheva-Bouwmeester

Dutch, Bulgarian

Born, January 1969, grew up and finished education in Bulgaria:
1983-1988- High School of Fine Arts, 'Ilia Petrov', Sofia, Bulgaria

1990-1995- Masters Degree in Art and Scenography - University of Fine Arts, 'Nikolai Pavlovich', Sofia, Bulgaria

1995-1997- Lectured in History of Costume- 'Ariadna', Private College of Fashion Design, Sofia, Bulgaria

1996- solo exhibition (oil paintings) in 'Shipka', Sofia, Bulgaria

From 1997 till end of 2000 lived in South Africa.

1997-backdrop design for 'Johannesburg Youth Theater', South Africa

1997 - solo exhibition in 'Visual Arts Gallery' Johannesburg, South Africa

1998 - solo exhibition in 'Monmartre' Pretoria, South Africa

1998- set design and production for exposition of lightning security systems

Contractor 'Mike Bows Interior Design'

1998- backdrop design and production for puppet play 'Nandy goes to the city', 'State Theatre' Pretoria, South Africa

1999 - group exhibition in 'Pretoria Civic Gallery', Pretoria, South Africa

1999- group exhibition in 'East Gate Gallery', Johannesburg, South Africa

2000- group exhibition in 'Sandton' gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa

2000- group exhibition in 'Visual Arts Gallery ' gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa

In Netherlands since 2001