Vitali Komarov - plein air art

 Born in 1968 in Russia.

Lives and works in Czech Republic.


The Junior Art School, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

The Art School №1, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The Restoration School, Saint Petersburg, Russia


Selected collections

National museum of fine arts, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

The Northwestern College, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Dr. J. & Dr O. Bridges, Guildford, United Kingdom

First Union Securities, Inc., Richmond, Virginia, USA

The Excel City Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic

Edward Jones, Inc., New Castle, Indiana, USA

Noresco Industrial Group, Inc., Glen Cove, USA

The Northwestern College, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA


Selected exhibitions

2004    On The Wall Art Fair, London, UK (29 September Ė 03 October 2004)

2004    Art Map gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2003    Fresh Art Fair 2003, London, UK

2002    Fresh Art Fair 2002, London, UK

2001    The Taylor Jardine Art Gallery, London, UK

2001    Art Investments Inc., London, UK

2000    ArtNature salon, Prague, Czech Republic

1999    Godot Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

1998    "Prague walk," National Museum of Fine Arts, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia



Catalogue of paintings 2002-2003

Grigarian, Veronica, "Russian Van Gogh," Czech today, February 1, 2004

Fresh Art Fair 2003, Exhibition Catalogue

Fresh Art Fair 2002, Exhibition Catalogue

Calendar of recent paintings 2001

Calendar of recent paintings 2000

Lanickova, Catherine, "Colour South of Moravia," New life, November 23, 2000

Sinenki, Alexander, Prague lights, September, 2000

Weiss, Vladimir, "The Russians are coming!" The Prague post, September 1-7, 1999, p.B3.


About the artist

 Embedded in the European tradition, Vitali Komarov strongly inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, developing further the techniques and vision of colours introduced by the master. Vitaliís paintings are full of life, in which every season offers so many wonderful subjects. His vision of the world is full of hope; his colours are bright, yet sensitive. His paintings uplift the spirit and promise new beginnings. What really matters to him is to be truthful and simple in conveying his vision to his audience.

 The artistís paintings have been featured in many exhibitions including those at the National Museum of Fine Arts, in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia and The Taylor Jardine Art Gallery in London, UK, From 2002 Komarov participate in international art fairs such as "Fresh Art" and "On the wall", London, UK.

 Vitali Komarov was born in 1968 in Russia. Since 1995 he has been working as an independent artist. He is currently a full time painter living and working "en plein air" in South Moravia in a small village not far from Vienna, called Lednice. He also works in France and Italy.


Artist statement

"The purpose of my work is to make beautiful things. Working from nature, I am inspired by its beauty. When I paint simple things, I vitalise them and fill them with sense. Trying to reproduce exactly the light and the mood of the subject, I experiment with composition, tone and colour. I balance composition, so that on lookers can breathe easily. I make contrast convincing, and colours fresh and pure.

Feelings and mood play an important role in my paintings, more so than the form. It is not the technical side of art, which interests me; hence I do not experiment with styles or medium. I am simply excited by the process of painting itself.

Technical skills together with inspiration are not enough to be a good artist, unless you do not work constantly and estimate your results soberly and strictly. I regard each new work as a serious search. This produces a picture that is not an imitation of reality, but a new reality in itself. Nature is the teacher and it is nature that teaches me to see the subject and gives me immense feeling of love. "