Werner Dresfeldt



Studies at school of art with

Robert Jensen, Aage Sørensen

1966 Supplementary education with C. Arnaud, Switzerland.

1984 Worked together with the faroe artist  A. Olsen.


Approved Exhibitions

1975  Sisimiut Greenland

1983 Gallery Pitakvik Frobisher Canada.

1986 Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling Denmark

1998 Aalborg Kunstpavillon  Denmark


Separate and other Exhibitions

1984 Nordic House  Torshavn Faroe Island

1986 Aalborg Kunstpavillon  Denmark

1987 Roestbak van Almere-Haven, the Netherlands

1988 Dronninglund Kunstcenter   Denmark

2003 Kirsten Kjærs Museum    Denmark

2002-2003-2004-2005 Åben Atelierdøre Aalborg Denmark

2004-2006 Kunstmesse Nørhalne  Denmark

2005 Aalborg Art Kunstmesse  Denmark

and many other shared exhibitions



2003 hellevad Ørum sparekasse

2005 Arla Foods Akafa


Member of

Aalborg Kunstpavillon

DBF. Danish artists union.



I do not simply transfer what I see in the landscape that surrounds me to the canvas.

The earth, sky and their boundlessness are instead elements I beguiles with. Sometimes

Evident, other times not so evident. Remaining is an intuitive command of canvas and painting.