Bozena, Hanna Kaluga

The work I create is generally abstract. Major inspirations come from nature, architecture and human figures, creating a strong lyrical even personal character. Generally I am interested in texture and line.

.my works of art are created on a base of an extremely original cooperation between knitting and collage. It rises from operating with tread and color, which are used in different configurations and proportions. That is the way compositions, resembling architectonic constructions and details are created. They are also a form of human feelings and emotions. I consider time, vanishing of illusions, hanker after breaking through decline and monotony.


1985 Master's degree in fibre art and sculpture

1980-1985 Academy of Arts, Lodz, Poland

1975-1980 High School, Poland

Prizes and Awards

1988 International Textilekunst Betonac- Prijs, Belgium,

1987 Jugend Gestaltet Munich, Germany: GOLD MEDAL ,

1985 Academy of Arts AWARD,

1984 Art Society Award, GOLD MEDAL,

1977 Unesco Award, special recognition for DRAWING.

1988-1991 Professor's assistant in sculpture class at the Academy of Arts,

Lodz, Poland

Individual Exhibitions

2008 Margaret Harvey Gallery, London.

Plateaux Gallery, London.

Mall Galleries, London.

2007 Eleven Gallery. London.

The Gallery in Cork St. London.

2005 Carte Blanche, Lodz, Poland.

2003 Nitya, Hampstead, London.

Polish Cultural Centre- POSK, London.

1985 - 2002 8 th Individual Exhibition in Poland.

1986 Riyeka ,Jugoslavia

1989 Vienna, Austria


Group Exhibitions

1986-2005 in partnership with: Galeria 86`, Lodz, Poland, Galeria Gra, Warsaw, Poland

1984-2008 exhibitions of sculpture objects: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Poland, UK, USA.

2008 The Gallery in Cork St. London.
Textilemuseum de St Gall, Switzerland.

2007 Musees D`Angres,France.
Textilmuseum, Heidelberg,Germany

2006 12 th International Lace Biennale, Brussels, Belgium.
2 nd International Minitextile Trienial and Flags, Szombathely, Hungary.

2005 UH Galleries, Margaret Harvey Gallery, London.

2003 Biennale of Florence, Italy.
1 st International Minitextile Trienial and Flags, Szombathely, Hungary.

2001 2 nd International Lace for Fashion, Sydney, Australia.


Commissions/Public Collections
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, UK, and USA.
Museum of Textile-Poland, The Shirley Fundation-Xansa,GB.

Art&Business5/95, International Textilkunst 3/90, Lady 04/07, Graffiti 03/07, Art in London 06-09/07,