Born in 1957 in Gdańsk. In 1989 graduated at Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk - Faculty of Painting. Highly commended Diploma in prof. Wodzimierzajming's atelier. Assistant at Artistic Designing Basis Workshop at Faculty of Painting in Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.

I Triennial of Gdańsk's Art, Gdańsk 1990; "Diploma 88-89", Toruń 1990; Biennial of Young Art, Sopot 1990; "Review '91", exhibition of Polish Art Society in Gdańsk, Sopot 1991;  "Koeldergalleriet" Ärhus, Dania 1992 - individual exhibition; II Triennial of Art. "Sacrum, Faith - Art", Częstochowa 1994; V Polish Exhibition "Music in Painting", Tychy 1994; Gdańsk Friends of Art Society, Gdańsk 1996 - individual exhibition; "Docento Discimus", exhibition of Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk professors, Gdańsk 1996; "Zb. Blekiewicz, Wajming, J. Olszewski", Refectory Gallery, Kartuzy 1996; "Painting Meetings" - Art Foundation of Bank,   Bank of Industry and Trade, Gdynia 1997; "Connections" - exhibition of pomeranian art, Gdańsk 1999. "Paradoxe Gallery" - Strasbourg 2000 - individual exhibition. National Gallery in Gdańsk - 2001 - individual exhibition,"II Art Festival of  Gdansk" Gdańsk 2002, Gdynia's Review of Art -2003, "Signs, Symbols, Contrast" painting of Katarzyna & Zbigniew Blekiewicz - The Baltic's Centre of Culture, Gdańsk 2002, Stockholm Art Fair 2003, "Three Elements" Dimidium Toto Gallery, Sopot 2003, "The Nature" Young Designers Exhibition Centre of St, John, Gdansk 2003



Prize of Minister of Culture and Art after exhibition "Diploma 88-89";

Grant of Minister of Culture and Art for studying at Academy of Fine Arts in Ärhus, Denmark1992;

Prize at 5th Polish Exhibition "Music in Painting", Tychy1994.